JAMCO Heating & Air Conditioning is the top dog when it comes to furnace repair services in Gloucester City, NJ. A good furnace is essential to indoor comfort. Unfortunately, furnaces can break down. The accumulated effects of wear and tear take their toll just as they would on other complicated pieces of equipment.

    When these or similar problems rear their ugly heads, JAMCO Heating & Air Conditioning has a team of trained heating repair technicians ready to set your furnace right. Below, you’ll find some information on when it might be time to repair your furnace and on the services we offer.

    Furnace Repair in Gloucester City

    To start, here are a few telltale signs that it’s time to call in a heating repair specialist:
    • Your heating bills suddenly explode
    • Yellow pilot light on your system turns on
    • Dusty furnace vents
    • System starts cycling too frequently
    • Strange noises start coming from your system

    Any of these things can indicate serious problems. For example, suddenly exploding heating bills mean that your furnace’s efficiency has taken an abrupt nosedive. Something in the system is not functioning as it should be.

    Your furnace’s pilot light should always be blue. If you see it turn yellow, carbon monoxide is leaking from your system. Because this gas is so dangerous, you should call a professional immediately to resolve this issue.

    Dusty furnace vents typically mean that you should change out your filters. Strange noises coming from your furnace — be they pops, squeaks, creaks, or rumbles — can signal a variety of different issues. Perhaps some critical part in your heating system has come loose. Squealing or whistling noises usually indicate an issue with the blower motor. Loud rumbling noises could mean an issue with the burner.

    Furnace cycling refers to when your furnace switches on and off to regulate indoor temperature. Excessively frequent cycling, also called short cycling, is when your furnace cycles without bringing indoor temperatures to the level that you stipulated. Anything from corroding flame sensors to a malfunctioning thermostat can cause this problem.

    Our team of NATE-certified technicians can promptly and effectively repair all of these issues and more. After we’ve identified the nature of the problem, we’ll present you with a number of different repair options.

    Doing Heating Repair Since 1986

    JAMCO Heating & Air Conditioning began in 1986 as a family-owned business and has remained one ever since. This gives our company a level of intimacy that we carry over to our dealings with all of our customers. Not only do we personalize all services, but we make certain to maintain the very highest standards of quality and safety in our work.

    We are a Lennox Premier Dealer, a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor, and a member of the ACCA. We are careful to continuously improve all of our safety protocols as the industry evolves.

    If you have furnace issues, contact JAMCO Heating & Air Conditioning immediately for furnace repair services in Gloucester City.