Baby and humidifierThe Environmental Protection Agency recommends maintaining a relative humidity (RH) of at least 30% in winter. That can be difficult to do with the drier air, the home shut up, and the heat constantly running.

    JAMCO Heating & Air Conditioning recommends our whole-home humidifiers in Cherry Hill, NJ as the solution. We can integrate home humidifiers into ducted HVAC systems.

    That way, the system moistens all the warmed air coming from the furnace or heat pump before it reaches your rooms. We also offer ductless systems that are perfect for pairing with mini-splits and boilers.

    Top-Rated Humidifiers in Cherry Hill

    When considering home humidifiers in Cherry Hill, there are two core options: portable and whole-house. Portable humidifiers are certainly the cheaper option initially.

    The problem is that they only benefit a particular room. The maintenance is also much more of a hassle, as you have to clean the unit regularly for health concerns. You also have to replenish the water.

    While whole-home humidification systems are more expensive upfront, they’re more cost-effective over the life of the equipment. They do require cleaning, but it’s something your HVAC technician can do once a year.

    whole home humidifier

    In addition, there’s no need to refill them. We’ll tap your humidifier into your plumbing system so that it gets all the water it needs automatically.

    There are three main types of whole-home humidifiers: bypass, fan-powered, and steam. Bypass is generally the most affordable option. It’s perfect for the homeowner with a furnace and a low-to-moderate problem with dry air.

    Fan-powered units are similar but have a dedicated fan. This allows them to move more air and makes them appropriate to ductless HVAC scenarios. Steam units provide the most effective form of humidification, and both central and ductless systems are available.

    ENERGY STAR certification is a consideration as well. These units are about 25% cheaper to run. They can also make you eligible for a rebate that helps offset your initial equipment and installation costs.

    The benefits of a whole-house dehumidifier include:
    • Fewer allergens in the home
    • Less snoring and better sleep overall
    • Improved respiratory, skin, and hair health
    • Better protection for wood and electronics
    • More comfortable and energy-efficient heating

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    Home Humidifiers for Better IAQ

    JAMCO Heating & Air Conditioning has been keeping families in Cherry Hill comfortable for more than three decades. We offer free installation quotes, upfront pricing, promotions on occasion, and financing subject to credit approval. NATE-certified technicians complete all our installs.

    These are highly experienced professionals who receive continuing training. They complete all work to code and manufacturer specifications. We also provide you added peace of mind through our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    Would you like to learn more about whole-home humidifiers in Cherry Hill? Call JAMCO Heating & Air Conditioning today or contact us online to ask any questions and set up an in-home consultation.