Baby and humidifierThe air is naturally drier in winter, and heating your home often exacerbates that dryness. It can be difficult to maintain a comfortable relative humidity (RH) range indoors. If you experience that problem in your own home, JAMCO Heating & Air Conditioning recommends our humidifiers in Moorestown, NJ.

    Using a humidistat, home humidifiers let you set and maintain a precise RH for your indoor environment. This may also allow you to reduce your indoor temperature and improve heating efficiency.

    Top-Rated and Energy-Efficient Humidifiers

    The Environmental Protection Agency recommends an RH between 30% and 50%. The average person feels most comfortable between 40% and 50%, but it’s a matter of preference. In winter, it can be difficult to maintain an RH of 30% let alone 40%, but a whole-house humidifier makes it easy.

    Portable home humidifiers are an option. They’re cheaper too, but there are some notable downsides. Portable units only lower the RH in a limited area rather than an entire home. There’s also a lot more maintenance, so you need to refill them with water and keep them clean.

    whole home humidifier

    With whole-house humidifiers, we integrate them into your home’s plumbing. They get all the water needed automatically, and that source is easily disabled for spring and summer. There is less maintenance required as well. Your technician can clean and service the unit once a year.

    The most common home humidifiers are furnace humidifiers. These are also known as bypass humidification systems. They often work through the process of evaporation. There are even systems that have their own fans. This may be necessary depending on your humidity problem or if you have ductless heating.

    Steam home humidifiers are an option too. There are models that we can integrate into a ducted HVAC system whether you have a furnace or heat pump. We also offer standalone solutions, which may be necessary if you have a boiler or ductless mini-split.

    The many benefits of a whole-home dehumidifier include these results.
    • Improved indoor air quality
    • No buildup of static electricity
    • Less risk of mold and dust mites
    • Reduced allergy and asthma symptoms
    • More comfortable heat and better heating efficiency

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    Home Humidifiers in Moorestown

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