Baby and humidifierIf you experience very dry indoor air, JAMCO Heating & Air Conditioning recommends our whole-home humidifiers in Pennsauken, NJ. Our HVAC technicians have extensive experience helping customers choose the right system for them.

    We’ll then install that humidification system with precision. Your new humidifier will make it easy to maintain relative humidity (RH) at a comfortable level. Home humidifiers make your heating feel more comfortable and may even allow you to drop your temperature by several degrees.

    Home Humidifiers in Pennsauken

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) advises not letting your RH drop below 30%. This is when you’re more susceptible to respiratory irritation and infection. Low RH heightens allergy and asthma symptoms. It can also damage your hardwood floors, wood furniture, and electronics.

    Maintaining a 30%-50% RH can be easier said than done in winter without a humidifier. The air is naturally drier. The home has a tight seal, and the heating system is running often.

    whole home humidifier

    While there are portable home humidifiers, we recommend whole-home solutions. The portable systems are cheaper upfront. The whole-home systems are cheaper long term and require much less cleaning and maintenance. They also provide the right RH throughout the house rather than just in a particular room.

    There are two main approaches to humidification: evaporative and steam. The evaporative method involves the absorption of water by the heated air. This is the cheaper option upfront but requires regular filter replacement. Steam systems are more expensive but don’t require regular filter replacement. They’re also better suited to dealing with serious humidity problems.

    Furnace humidifiers are common and relatively inexpensive. Steam units generally have their own fans. Homeowners often ask if they can add a whole-home humidifier if they have a boiler or mini-split system. The answer is yes. Such units have their own small duct that provides moistened air through a vent. In addition, we can plumb all these systems into your home’s water.

    A humidifier can eliminate or minimize many health conditions, including:
    • Cracked lips
    • Bloody noses
    • Dry and scaly skin
    • Irritated sinus passages
    • Sore and scratchy throat

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    Whole-House Humidifiers for Better IAQ

    JAMCO Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to help homeowners in Pennsauken breathe easier and enjoy more comfortable homes. Customer service and care are important to us, and we stand behind all our work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

    We also employ NATE-certified technicians who complete all humidifier installations to the manufacturer’s specifications. Furthermore, you can count on a free installation quote, fair pricing without hidden fees, and financing on approved credit.

    When it comes to the best humidifiers in Pennsauken, JAMCO Heating & Air Conditioning is the name to trust, so call us today!