The Dangers of Reusing AC Filters

August 7, 2020

Air filters are one of the most important components of HVAC systems. Without an air filter in place, an HVAC system will quickly clog with dust, rendering it largely useless and likely in need of major repairs. Although replacing your air filter monthly is one of the easiest and least expensive home repair tasks you can do, some people in Deptford Township are tempted to try to re-use their air filters after cleaning them. While this might seem like a great money-saving hack, it can actually cause major problems. Here are a few of the problems that we at JAMCO Heating & Air Conditioning think you should know about.

You Can Damage the Pleats

Although air filters may appear to be simple, they are actually quite sophisticated and highly engineered. These intricate designs allow them to catch as much dust as possible while allowing air through so that your HVAC system can breathe. Plus, the filters need to be lightweight, yet strong, and able to be manufactured inexpensively so that people can afford to change them every month. As you can see, then, air filters are actually quite complex.

Therefore, one of the problems with re-using an air filter is that you run the risk of damaging an air filter’s complex structure. Specifically, you are likely to damage the pleats, which are the wavy folds in the filter material, as you clean the dust off the filter. These pleats are crucial to enhancing the dust collection and air throughput capacity of your air filter, meaning that any damage could harm your filter and your HVAC system.

You Can Grow Mildew

Filters aren’t meant to be cleaned. Once they’re caked with dust, they’re meant to be thrown away. Therefore, if you try to re-use your filter by washing it, it could be difficult for your filter to dry completely. If your filter stays moist for too long, the small pores in your filter will become a breeding ground for mildew to develop.

Since air is constantly being forced through the filter when your air conditioner is running, these mildew spores can easily become detached and then spread throughout your home. This can lead to respiratory issues for you and your family that could be avoided if you simply installed a new filter.

You Might Not Get All the Dirt

Some of the dust particles that filters can capture are microscopically small. Therefore, if you try to clean these filters, it will be next to impossible to fully remove all the dirt and dust.

This means that your filter will never be fully clean, which will limit the airflow to your HVAC system. An HVAC system with limited airflow can’t run as efficiently, meaning that you’ll spend more on utility bills and still end up with a home that’s less comfortable. Give your HVAC system a breath of fresh air, then, by using a totally clean filter every month.

There’s Good News

Although most filters aren’t designed to be cleaned, there are certain filters that can be re-used. If you select one of these filters, you can achieve like-new results simply by following the provided cleaning instructions. As long as you don’t forget to clean your filter, you can provide healthy and clean air to your home and help keep old filters out of the landfill.

Here to Help

At JAMCO Heating & Air Conditioning, we’re always here to help you operate your HVAC system in the most efficient and responsible way possible. We know that maintaining a comfortable home can be a big task, which is why we are available to answer your questions and assist you with air conditioner maintenance tasks whenever needed. JAMCO Heating & Air Conditioning can also repair your air conditioner or install a new one if the conditions require it. Of course, we also offer a full line of furnace services as well.

To round out our service offerings, we offer a sheet metal shop to help fabricate new ducts for your home if your current ducts aren’t doing their job. We can also take care of commercial projects of all types and sizes.

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