4 Tips for Winterizing Your Heating System

December 16, 2021
Home Winterization in Deptford, NJ

When the temperature drops outside, you should be able to stay consistently warm in your own house without having to worry about sky-high energy bills or your heating system breaking down. However, if you keep the thermostat turned up all winter without taking steps to prepare your furnace, it’s going to be hard not to be stressed out about those things. Winterizing your heating system doesn’t have to be especially difficult or complicated, though, and employing these straightforward tips can go a long way toward providing your household with a comfortable and financially sound cold season.

1. Replace the Filter

One of your first winterization steps should be changing out your heating system’s air filter. When your furnace is operating with a clean filter, it’s able to circulate clean, warm air effectively without becoming dirty or clogged. This is because the air filter is catching the particles of dust and dirt that are floating in the air. If you neglect this filter for too long, though, a lot of those particles are going to build up and clog the filter. As a result, your heating system is going to struggle to suck air through, which is unhealthy for the appliance and also wastes energy. Make a point to replace the filter now, before winter really kicks into gear, and then check it once a month.

2. Schedule a Furnace Tune-Up

Hopefully, you’ve kept up with maintenance tune-ups for your heating system on a yearly basis. However, even if you haven’t, now is the perfect time to start remedying that. Furnace maintenance is a crucial part of proper care, and scheduling a tune-up now will help the heating system do its job more effectively and efficiently throughout the cold months. Additionally, the technician who conducts the maintenance will also inspect the furnace for any red flags or parts that are close to wearing out. In some cases, you’ll have the opportunity to get ahead of these issues before they start costing you money or causing you hassle.

3. Schedule a Ductwork Inspection

Before the warm air from your heating system reaches the different rooms in your home, it makes its way through your ductwork first. These air ducts are an important part of your household warm air circulation, but if they become especially dirty, clogged, or damaged, it can have negative effects on your furnace health and efficiency, as well as your indoor air quality. If the ducts become clogged, your furnace will have to strain itself more to push heat through, which will make a breakdown more likely. If the ducts have leaks or damage, though, significant amounts of unconditioned air can seep through and into your breathing air, which will worsen its quality. Fortunately, you have the option to bring in local HVAC professionals and have them thoroughly inspect your ductwork. They’ll be able to clean out that dirt, dust, and debris and also check for any damage.

4. Locate and Seal Your Air Leaks

Unfortunately, many homeowners fail to realize how much escaped heat small air leaks can account for. Regardless of their size, if you have cracks and gaps around your home’s openings, such as windows, doorways, and garage doors, you’re likely putting a lot of unnecessary pressure on your heating system. Not only does warmth escape from these air leaks, but cold air can also enter through them. Your furnace is the one that has to compensate for all of this to keep your home warm. The start of winter is a great time to do a thorough sweep of your home. Use both your sight and touch to locate any leaks that are present. Once you’ve found them, you can either seal them up yourself with weather-stripping and caulk from the hardware store, or you can entrust the job to a professional instead.

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