5 Ways to Prepare Your Central HVAC Unit for Summer

April 11, 2023
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As temperatures rise, you’ll want to ensure your central HVAC system is ready to keep your living space cool and comfortable. Failing to prepare your HVAC equipment for the increased demands of summer can lead to premature system failure, uncomfortable living conditions, and higher energy bills. Luckily, there are things you can do to prep your central HVAC system for the warm weather ahead. Performing these spring maintenance tasks can help you enjoy a comfortable home, regardless of the weather outside.

1. Inspect Your Ducts

One of the first things you need to do to make your HVAC summer-ready is to have your ductwork inspected by a professional. Your ducts play a vital role in the effectiveness and efficiency of your home’s HVAC equipment. If there are gaps or leaks in your ducts, warm air can enter, and conditioned air will seep out. This will cause the unit to work harder to cool your space. As a result, you will notice reduced efficiency, increased monthly energy bills, and decreased comfort levels in your house.

Professional HVAC technicians can inspect your ducts for gaps, leaks, and other problems impacting your HVAC unit’s performance. They can also clean the ducts to remove any dirt, dust, and debris that can block airflow and reduce HVAC efficiency.

2. Replace the Filters

Filters pull contaminants from the indoor air, and they become clogged or dirty over time. Clogged air filters hinder airflow, causing your HVAC to work harder to cool your residence.

Neglecting your filters can significantly increase wear and tear on the unit components, leading to the need for expensive replacements or repairs. Replacing your HVAC unit filters before the temperatures rise can help enhance airflow within the unit and reduce the need for maintenance during the warmer months. Doing this also keeps your central HVAC running efficiently, saving money on your utility bills.

3. Seal Air Leaks

Even if your HVAC equipment is maintained properly, it can struggle to cool a poorly sealed space. As you prepare your system for the hot summer months, look for areas in your home where air can seep out. Check the seals and weatherstripping around your doors and windows. If you notice any signs of detaching, warping, or cracking, it’s probably time to have a professional replace your seals.

Having your home sealed of airleaks can help eliminate inconsistent temperatures in your space’s zones. Sealing air leaks can reduce the workload of your HVAC equipment and allow the system to work more efficiently in the summer heat.

4. Inspect the Outdoor Unit/Condenser

During the winter and fall, debris will likely accumulate around your outdoor unit. Clean the area around it before you start your landscaping projects in the spring. Rake away dirt, leaves, and branches collected within a two-foot area surrounding the unit, and cut back plants and bushes growing nearby.

You’ll also want to ensure the condenser is on a stable, level surface. Check the unit for signs of damage that may have occurred over the winter. If something looks unusual, call your HVAC technician immediately. A damaged outdoor unit can be a serious issue, especially when you turn on your air conditioner for the first time in the spring.

5. Test Your Thermostat

Test your home’s thermostat before the summer weather kicks in to ensure it will function properly when you need it most. If the device is not working correctly, it can cause your HVAC unit to run longer than necessary, resulting in excessive energy bills. In addition, consider upgrading to a programmable or smart thermostat so that your home is always at a comfortable temperature without manual adjustments.

Get Ready for Summer Weather With the HVAC Experts

HVAC maintenance keeps your home’s heating and cooling equipment in top shape, boosting its overall efficiency and extending its service life. If you want to ensure that your HVAC equipment works efficiently and reliably throughout the summer, our HVAC professionals at JAMCO Heating & Air Conditioning can help. Our team of experts can inspect your central HVAC and perform the necessary maintenance tasks to help keep your home comfortable and cozy throughout the warmer months.

We offer residential and commercial HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance in Deptford and throughout Southern New Jersey and Southeastern Pennsylvania. Contact us at JAMCO Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule your appointment.

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