Common AC Problems in Summer

July 27, 2021
Common AC Problems in Deptford, NJ

Climate change has been a common topic for quite some time now. Essentially, this has led to extremely high temperatures during summer. To keep your comfort during this period, you will need to ensure that your air conditioner is working as it should be.

Typically, this is the time that you would want to keep a close eye on your air conditioning system units to ensure that you’re not blindsided. Usually, you can tell that something is wrong with your air conditioner if you experience cooling problems. However, due to the high amounts of heat and dust during summer, you might have different sets of issues that can be pretty devastating for your comfort. The following are some of the common air conditioning problems that you might experience during this period.

Reduced Levels of Refrigerant

Essentially, the refrigerant is the liquid that is responsible for balancing your home’s temperatures. This liquid sucks up the hot air in your house and sends it to the outside environment. In addition, it takes up the cold from the external environment and brings it into your home. If your air conditioning units have a leakage problem, your AC’s refrigerant will become low. Consequently, you will experience a change in the air conditioning quality. Therefore, if you get a hissing sound coming from your AC or you suspect a leak, call professional technicians to repair your AC and then have them do a refill.

Dirty Filters

The longer your air conditioner runs, the more it is bound to collect some dust that clogs its filtration system. To ensure that your AC does not let you down in the dead of summer, make sure you regularly clean the filters. In addition, your AC’s filters are designed to be replaced after three months. However, with more dusty environments, you might want to replace them earlier than that.

Leaking HVAC Ducts

Summer is known for its sweltering temperatures. High temperatures have the effect of making materials expand. When the temperatures are lower, materials contract. Essentially, this expansion or contraction creates stress for your AC’s duct joints. With time, the ducts develop cracks that later lead to leaks. This causes poor air conditioning. It also leads to a rise in electricity bills.

Poor Cooling

You might have experienced cold spots during the winter when your air conditioner was still running. This can also happen during the summer if your air conditioner has problems preventing it from functioning at capacity. Poor cooling issues can be due to inadequate refrigerants, blocked air ducts, failed condensers, or broken fans. However, it could also be due to the capacity of your air conditioning system. Essentially, an air conditioner can only serve your environment to some extent; bigger spaces or houses would require more air conditioning.

Unscheduled Shutdown

This is a very common problem with air conditioners over the summer. You switch on your air conditioner, it runs for a short burst, and then it shuts down. Technically, this problem is called short cycling. Your air conditioner starts the cooling process and shuts down midway. With this problem, you might have to get a professional to look at your AC. The most probable cause, in this case, is a faulty thermostat.

Failure to Turn on

Coming home on a summer day to a cool home is a great feeling. However, if you just got home from sweltering temperatures and your air conditioner won’t turn on, then you can get frustrated pretty fast. If you’re lucky, this could be caused by something as simple as a circuit breaker or wrong thermostat settings. For these problems, you can try pushing back the circuit breaker and resetting the thermostat. If neither of them works, then it’s time to call a professional.

Noisy Air Conditioner

A faulty air conditioner belt coupled with the poor fastening of the AC to its frames can lead to a noisy AC. In addition, if the fans of your air conditioner are not well lubricated, you will get screeching or squealing sounds. Keep an eye on the fan’s motor, the AC’s casing, and the fan’s blades.

Surviving the high summer temperatures requires preparation and proper maintenance of your air conditioner. Some of the problems you experience with your AC during summer can be easily fixed using materials at home. However, others will require professionals.

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