Easily Unclog Your AC’s Drain Lines

May 20, 2022
AC Drain Line in Deptford Township, NJ

Is your air conditioner emitting an unpleasant, musty odor? Have you noticed a lack of cool air coming from your unit? Air conditioners naturally create condensation as they cool your home. This moisture is effectively pulled from your system via your drain line. Unfortunately, this line can quickly become clogged because of mold and debris. Don’t let an easy-to-fix issue affect your household’s comfort during the hot summer months. Here’s how you can unclog your AC’s drain line.

Signs of Clogged Drain Line

Your AC drain line should be cleaned out about once a month. If you notice standing water on or near the AC unit, the drain line may be clogged. The overflow pan may also be full or overflowing. Most AC units struggle to produce enough cold air with a clogged line, which could leave your home uncomfortably warm. Your AC may refuse to turn on or shut down suddenly during its regular cycle. Protect your home against temperature inconsistencies by learning how to unclog your drain line.

Easy Unclogging Process

Never attempt to maintain or clean your AC without first unplugging it. Check the overflow pan for any physical debris that could be clogging the line. You should also check your drain line discharge, which should be located outside the home. This is often a white PVC pipe that’s near your AC unit. If you find any debris or clogs, gently remove them by hand. After removing the debris, you can test your AC to see if it’s returned to normal.

If your air conditioning system is still experiencing issues, the clog is likely located deep within the drain line. Grab a wet/dry vacuum, vinegar and a water hose. Find your drain’s point of entry, which should look like a T-shaped pipe with a cap. Remove the cap and pull out any debris you find. Insert the hose of your wet/dry vacuum and attempt to blow the clog out of the line. Make sure to point your hose toward the drain line discharge and not back toward the AC. You can also use a drain gun if your vacuum isn’t strong enough.

Check the discharge to ensure the debris has been removed from the line. You can then insert a water hose to rinse out any remaining mildew or dirt. To protect your drain line from future clogs, pour a cup or two of vinegar inside to break down any remaining sludge or slime. Avoid using bleach or any harder chemicals that could harm the animals or plant life around your home. Experts also recommend using drain line tablets, which can be placed within your overflow pan and last about a month. They safely stop mold and mildew from growing in your system between cleanings.

Once you’ve flushed and sanitized the drain line, it’s time to test your system. Your AC should now have no problem producing cool, crisp air. Repeat this process as needed during the summer season to maximize your air conditioner’s efficiency and usefulness.

Professional Help

Cleaning your air conditioner can feel like an intimidating responsibility. You may not have the equipment you need or are nervous about harming the system. You don’t have to take care of your AC alone. Call local HVAC technicians for premium service and help with all your air conditioning needs. Technicians are trained to handle any HVAC issue and have the tools to expertly clean your clogged drain line.

They can also maintain your AC and spot other potential problems in your system before they worsen. Regularly servicing your AC will increase its lifespan and lower your monthly energy bills. Protect your family’s comfort and safety during the hot summer months by cleaning and maintaining your air conditioner.

Your Expert HVAC Company

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