Why Fall Is a Great Time to Get Your HVAC System Serviced

August 14, 2023
HVAC Technician in Deptford, NJ

Your home’s HVAC system should really always be professionally maintained and serviced twice a year if you want it to work effectively and keep your home comfortable. It’s always a good idea to have your air conditioning maintained in the spring so it works well all summer, and fall is the best time to get your heating system serviced to ensure it’s ready for winter and can effectively keep your home warm. With that in mind, here are some of the important benefits of having your HVAC system serviced each fall.

Improved Effectiveness and Energy Efficiency

Having your HVAC system serviced every fall will help make it work more effectively and as energy efficiently as possible. Whenever your furnace sits unused for a long time, it can develop issues that will prevent it from heating effectively or stop it from working altogether. Dust, dirt, hair, and other debris will always collect inside the furnace when it’s not in use and can easily lead to numerous issues, which is why it’s important that all of the furnace’s components are professionally cleaned before you turn your heating on for the first time each winter.

A dirty flame sensor can easily prevent your furnace from ever working. The flame sensor is an essential safety feature designed to prevent gas from continuing to flow into the furnace if it doesn’t immediately light, and it works by detecting the heat from the flames produced by the furnace burners. Dust and dirt on the flame sensor can act like a layer of insulation and prevent the sensor from detecting the heat coming from the burners. If the flame sensor doesn’t detect the heat within a few seconds, it will signal the furnace’s gas valve to close, and the unit will immediately shut off as a safety precaution. As such, it is vital that the flame sensor is fully clean and works properly, or else your heating system may stop working.

Dust and dirt can also clog the ports on the furnace burners leading to some of the burners not lighting and the furnace producing less heat. Clogged ports can also lead to delayed ignition, which can cause gas to start filling up the combustion chamber. Once the burners finally do light, the gas can produce a mini explosion or fireball that can potentially damage the heat exchanger and other components. Clogged burners can also lead to the gas not fully combusting. Incomplete combustion will also result in much less heat being produced.

Better Air Circulation

If your home also has a central AC system, the HVAC blower can quickly become dirty over the summer and lead to less air circulating through the system. Since the same blower works for both your air conditioning and heating, this can lead to your heating system not working as effectively and not circulating sufficient warm air throughout your home. This is yet another reason why fall maintenance is important, as it will ensure your HVAC system has proper air circulation.

Safer Operation

Getting your HVAC system serviced in the fall will also ensure it can operate safely. This is because the technician will check all of your furnace’s safety sensors and features to ensure they work correctly. The technician will also make sure the exhaust flue isn’t clogged and that the heat exchanger isn’t cracked, which is important as both of these issues can cause carbon monoxide to escape and leak into your home. Any electrical issues, such as damaged wires or loose connections, can also be a fire hazard, which the technician will check for as well.

Reduced Risk of Breakdowns and Repairs

Any time your HVAC system isn’t properly maintained and doesn’t work effectively, it adds strain on all components and increases the overall wear and tear. As such, there will be a greater risk of the system breaking down in the winter and potentially leaving you without heat for days. Many HVAC issues are quite expensive to repair, so you could also be looking at spending lots of money to fix the system if it breaks down. The more wear and tear your HVAC system experiences and the more repairs it needs, the shorter its lifespan will typically be.

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