Why is My Air Conditioner Making Noises?

April 6, 2021
AC Maintenance in Deptford, NJ

During the height of summer, your AC is a lifesaver. It brings you relief and preserves your physical well-being. When it starts making some sort of strange noise, it’s a distress signal for both you and the equipment. The noise is alerting you that something is wrong, but you may not know what. It’s useful for a homeowner to be able to interpret the different noises that might come from an air conditioner and identify what each of them means. Here are some possible sounds that could come from your cooling equipment and the likely cause of each.

1. Loud Knocking Sound

If you’re trying to cool off and relax on a hot summer day and your AC starts producing a distinct knocking sound, you’re right to be alarmed. That’s not normal for a properly functioning unit. It’s almost certainly an indication that something mechanical inside the system is loose or broken.

It’s not uncommon for certain elements to become loose over time. A noise like this when the AC is running could be anything from an unbalanced blower to a compressor that needs to be replaced. The longer you take to have it checked out, the louder the noise will probably get. Even worse, the malfunction could spread and severely damage other components.

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2. Buzzing Noises

Another warning to listen for is a buzzing sound. Loud buzzing is an alert that something is wrong with the system. It could be one of several issues.

Buzzing can be an indication of an electrical problem. It’s not uncommon for an electrical current to miss its path and jump to another circuit. When this happens, arcing might take place within the AC, and that could produce the noise you hear. If this is the case, you need to have the whole electrical system checked for loose wiring. It could also occur due to a bad capacitor, an old compressor that needs urgent replacement or a broken condenser fan motor. When you hear a buzzing noise, it’s best to turn off the AC system and call in a technician.

Apart from electrical issues, a loud buzzing noise can be caused by a frozen evaporator coil. The coil has a refrigerant that gets very cold while the AC is running. It doesn’t freeze because the warm air from inside your home flows over it. If that flow of warm air isn’t sufficient because of a clogged filter or faulty vent, the evaporator coil can freeze and start making buzzing noises.

3. Clicking Noises

When the fan is running smoothly, you won’t hear any noises from inside the AC. However, if the blades are brushing against another component, the repetitive contact can cause a clicking noise. Alternatively, something could be loose inside your AC and interfering with the fan. Either way, it’s imperative to have the whole unit checked by a licensed technician before further damage is done.

Another source of a clicking noise from the AC is miscommunication with the control panel. In this case, the clicking noises will probably be higher in pitch, and you might notice sparks.

4. Squealing Noises

At times, your AC might make a squealing noise to alert you that there’s a problem. This is usually an indication that the bearings of the condenser fan need immediate replacement.

This is also a common sound made by a slipping or misaligned belt in an older AC unit. Newer systems have more sophisticated motors that don’t require belts. Before you spend a great deal repairing an older system, you might consider upgrading to a more efficient modern air conditioner.

Summing Up

The type of noise made by an AC usually indicates a particular problem, so pay attention and take note of the sound before calling in a technician. The NATE-certified technicians at [company name] know the different noises an AC makes, and they can diagnose the problem. After that, our experienced crew will carry out the necessary repairs to restore your unit’s proper functionality.

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